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t-shirts made in italy


vuesse sas di vittorio salvatore has been producing and distributing t-shirts and clothing all over the world for over 10 years,

we created TSHRT to counter the phenomenon of fast fashion, we can be fast out of the fast logic, quality products produced in italy, we produce on the sold, we do not create commercial suplus, we try to use as little as possible of synthetic fibres, the main problem of global pollution etc.

i love t-shirt

A T-shirt, t-shirt or simply tee is a piece of clothing made of fabric, without buttons and without a collar, that covers the wearer's torso.

It can be made with long or short sleeves, in natural fabrics such as cotton, or in synthetic fibres. There are plain or multi-coloured patterned shirts.

The first examples of t-shirt-like garments did not become widespread until the 18th century, as undergarments, and from the 19th century as workwear, due to their comfort and lack of a collar, a distinctive element of elegance. Nineteenth-century sailors wore a variant very close to the 

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