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Discover the Urban Charm of VSTL's "T-art" Collection

Discover the urban charm of VSTL's "T-art" collection, perfect for those seeking a style that embodies urban chic. With an eye on street fashion, these designer t-shirts seamlessly blend with the essence of minimalist fashion, offering wearable art pieces.

Each t-shirt in the "T-art" range is a statement of style, transforming art into a portable and fashionable element. Crafted in limited series to preserve exclusivity, these t-shirts embody the refinement of Tuscan craftsmanship and highlight the simple elegance of minimalist fashion.

Each piece is the result of attentive and sustainable production, enriched by eco-friendly prints and a variety of distinctive designs. Wearing a "T-art" t-shirt from VSTL means wearing a piece that celebrates both art and street fashion, guaranteeing an unmistakable urban chic look.

The "T-art" t-shirt collection offers the opportunity to express your artistic inclinations through minimalist fashion, showcasing impeccable taste that combines comfort and culture. Don't miss the chance to add a touch of creativity and high fashion to your daily style choices with a "T-art" t-shirt from VSTL.

T-Art: Limited Edition of Art T-Shirts

T-Art: Limited Edition of Art T-Shirts

Welcome to VSTL STORE - Vittorio Salvatore, where art meets contemporary fashion to create unique clothing pieces. Experience our exclusive T-Art collection, reflecting the splendor of streetwear culture through original designs and vibrant colors.

Nebula Mist

Price: 69.00 € Discover Nebula Mist, a unisex t-shirt with a suggestive design that encapsulates the essence of streetwear culture, enriched by attention to detail to ensure a timeless look.

Ethereal Symphony

Price: 69.00 € With the oversize t-shirt Ethereal Symphony, uniqueness combines with comfort, creating a perfect piece for those who love contemporary fashion with versatility and unisex appeal.

Vibrant Mirage

Price: 69.00 € Vibrant Mirage radiates pure energy, perfect for those who want to assert their style in the world of streetwear culture.

Flow of Colors

Price: 69.00 € The oversize t-shirt Flow of Colors offers an authentic visual experience, blending art and contemporary fashion in a unisex piece.

Abstract Enigma

Price: 69.00 € Exclusivity and design come together in this masterful t-shirt, Abstract Enigma, which embodies the latest trends of streetwear culture.

Whispering Shadows

Price: 69.00 € Immerse yourself in a mysterious t-shirt with Whispering Shadows, which reflects the bold nature of contemporary fashion in a unisex key.

Fluid Abstractions

Price: 69.00 € Astral forms of art come to life in the magnificent t-shirt Fluid Abstractions, designed to highlight the eclectic nature of streetwear.

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Our t-shirts celebrate the diverse facets of streetwear culture, blending refined designs with the superior quality of made in Italy. Choose your limited edition t-shirt and let your personal expression become part of a broader discourse on contemporary fashion and street culture.

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