Who we are ?

Observing, with instinct and attention, searching in the world, in the theatricality of everyday life, in the passionate making of a combination of shapes and colours that becomes matter. 

Vittorio Salvatore / VSTL / TSHRT by vuesse is clothing born from continuous research, attention to detail, attention to fabrics and colours - always natural and surprising - combined with a strong sartorial tradition. 

Projects designed, made and finished in one of the most admired lands in the world, Tuscany. 

VSTL by vuesse sas di vittorio salvatore means very high standards of production that live in urban and sensual geometries, in informal and elegant creations without distinction of gender.

Designing, cutting, sewing and printing is our daily routine, a technological laboratory marked by artisan tradition.

We produce our garments in the heart of Tuscany

Handmade in Tuscany

#hamdmade @vstl

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