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Discover the Brand Clothing of VSTL STORE - Vittorio Salvatore

The Urban Chic Collection of VSTL STORE

Enter the world of streetwear and urban chic with our exclusive range of men's t-shirts and women's t-shirts. Our pieces are the epitome of minimalist fashion and reflect the latest fashion trends. Each item is designed with meticulous attention to detail and crafted to offer unparalleled comfort and style.

Explore Our Selection of Designer T-shirts

  • Men's T-shirts: Discover our collection of t-shirts designed for men, symbolizing elegance in street fashion.
  • Women's T-shirts: Our t-shirts for women combine style and quality, perfect for every streetwear wardrobe.

Street Fashion at VSTL STORE

VSTL STORE, we commit to bringing a touch of street fashion to the streets of Pontedera with a collection that celebrates individuality and personal expression. Our t-shirts express a modern aesthetic and comfortable wearability.

Immerse Yourself in the Latest Fashion Trends with VSTL STORE

The trends of the moment find a home in our boutique. Give your style a new direction with pieces that reflect modern fashion trends. Choose from our top picks to update your casual wardrobe with flair and sophistication.

Minimalist Fashion and Refined

Are you looking for a sophisticated yet understated look? Our line of minimalist fashion is designed with clean lines and elegant simplicity in mind. Perfect balance between fashion and functionality.

Urban Chic: Raffinatezza Incontra lo Street Style

Define your style with our urban chic collection. With a mix of casual and sophisticated pieces, we offer a completely new vision of the classic metropolitan look.

Why Choose VSTL STORE?

  • You can reach us for any information at the email address: or at the phone number +393295815442, or you can visit our showroom/concept store in Pontedera
  • At VSTL STORE, every purchase conveys the value of a brand committed to trends, dedicated to producing high-quality products.

VSTL STORE: Italian Urban Chic Elegance

The Urban Chic Italian Brand - street fashion

VSTL by Vittorio Salvatore: Artisanal Quality

Discover Our Selection of Men's T-shirts, Women's T-shirts


A t-shirt is a versatile and comfortable garment, generally short-sleeved, made of cotton or blended materials, perfect for a casual or sporty look.

Men's T-shirt

Men's t-shirts are designed to offer comfort and style for men. Available in various models, colors, and cuts, they are ideal for any informal occasion and can be paired with jeans, trousers, or shorts.

Printed T-shirts

Printed t-shirts feature designs, logos, or graphics that make them unique and fashionable. Perfect for expressing personality and style, they are available in a wide range of themes and colors.

Fashion T-shirts

Fashion t-shirts follow the latest trends, offering innovative designs and refined details. Ideal for those who want to stay updated and have a trendy look.

Women's T-shirt

Women's t-shirts are designed for the female audience, with cuts and models that enhance the silhouette. Available in multiple styles and patterns, they are perfect for a casual chic outfit.

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