Custom T-shirt

A selection of customizable VSTL t-shirts to create your unique style. Choose from minimalist and eclectic designs, handcrafted in Tuscany with high-quality materials. Personalize the garments with unique details and add your artistic touch for an outfit of the day (OOTD) that reflects your individuality and love for street style. Express yourself with customizable VSTL t-shirts and let your style speak for you.

Printed T-shirts and Custom T-shirts

Located in Pontedera, VSTL STORE by Vittorio Salvatore offers a wide selection of t-shirts with unique designs, with particular attention to the sartorial quality of made in Italy.

Our collection of custom t-shirts features captivating graphics, or you can personalize your ideal t-shirt with our customization option.

Made in Italy T-shirts

Our store at Via Vittorio Veneto 41 is a haven for lovers of streetwear and artisan clothing. Every made in Italy t-shirt you find here is a combination of fashion, tradition, and modern design, with reliability that only national production can guarantee.

Customize Your Printed T-shirts

  • Model Retro Vibes '82: a vintage-style shirt that allows you to add numbers and text of your choice, transforming you into a true trendsetter.
  • Design Fiore in Fiore: a print bursting with colors and nature, customizable to always be different, just like you.
  • Get inspired by the '80s with Trendsetter '82: a homage to Pop culture, this model is ideal for those who want to relive the bold style of that era in a modern key.
  • Are you an artist? The Custom Creations '90 is a blank canvas to imprint your signature: perfect for a look that carries your signature in every detail.
  • The Street Style '68: captures the essence of street fashion for an outfit that stands out.
  • The Fantasia Floreale series: for you who want to add a touch of nature and art to your wardrobe.

Contact VSTL STORE for Your Custom T-shirts

Want information on how to customize your t-shirt? Contact us at or call +393295815442.
Fashion becomes personality with VSTL STORE, and your creativity becomes style with our unique and authentic printed t-shirts.

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