Ethereal Diversity, Oversized T-shirt CAPSULE 60,00 € VSTL
Ethereal Diversity, Oversized T-shirt CAPSULE 60,00 € VSTL
Ethereal Diversity, Oversized T-shirt CAPSULE 60,00 € VSTL
Ethereal Diversity, Oversized T-shirt CAPSULE 60,00 € VSTL

Ethereal Diversity, Oversized T-shirt


Embrace your authenticity with the "Ethereal Diversity" oversized t-shirt, celebrating LGBTQ+ pride and diversity.



Discover the magic of self-expression with the "Ethereal Diversity" t-shirt. Carefully crafted with attention to detail, this oversized shirt offers comfort and style. Wrap yourself in vibrant colors and unique designs that express pride and diversity. Whether you're showing support for the LGBTQ+ community or simply seeking a bold and fashionable look, this shirt is the perfect accessory. Add a touch of personality to your wardrobe and let your authenticity shine through the distinctive design of this t-shirt.

Limited edition, design by vittorio salvatore

Size M
Available Sizes
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handmade in tuscany

Maximum washing temperature: 30°C.


Do not bleach


Gentle ironing at a maximum temperature of 110°C

non lavare a secco

Do not dry clean

non in asciugatrice

Do not tumble dry

asciugare all'ombra

Dry in the shade by hanging after spinning

Printed garments: We recommend ironing the garment inside out and at a low temperature, as well as avoiding ironing the printed area for too long. If possible, we recommend inserting an additional cloth between the iron and the garment to be ironed, thus avoiding the appearance of shiny marks or streaks.

The T-shirt is a garment made of fabric, often in jersey or knit fabric, without buttons and without a collar, that covers the torso of the wearer. It can be designed with long or short sleeves, using natural fabrics such as cotton or synthetic fibers. T-shirts can be solid-colored or feature multi-color patterns.
Marlon Brando wears a short-sleeved T-shirt in the movie A Streetcar Named Desire.
Although similar clothing items with varying sleeve lengths can be found throughout ancient times (such as among the Etruscans) and during the Renaissance period, examples of garments resembling a T-shirt became widespread only from the 18th century as undergarments, and from the 19th century as workwear due to their comfort and the absence of a collar, which is a distinctive element of elegance.
Sailors in the 19th century wore a variation very close to the contemporary model, characterized by typical horizontal stripes.
World War II In the 1940s, the US military adopted the crew-neck T-shirt as part of the uniform for its soldiers. As a result, the use of T-shirts spread widely in Europe during World War II.
The 1950s and the influence of cinema The popularity of the T-shirt as a fashion garment, beyond its intimate or workwear use, solidified in the 1950s when American fashion spread worldwide through cinema. Famous actors like James Dean and Marlon Brando wore the iconic white short-sleeved T-shirt on the big screen, paired with a pair of jeans. From that moment on, the T-shirt became firmly established in contemporary fashion.

The quality of the raw materials and the craftsmanship of their processing ensure the authenticity of all products branded with VSTL, which you can find for sale online on the official website. VSTL is Handmade in Tuscany.
Each item comes with a serial number / QR code to verify its authenticity.

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This is our recipe; our primary commitment has always been to create garments for those who love beautiful and well-made things. Our production, focused on urban clothing, reflects artisanal care in the choice of fabrics and innovative design.
Each VSTL garment is designed to blend modern style and uncompromising quality, ensuring a unique and distinctive experience for the wearer..


Sought-after Design, Premium Materials.

Care and Attention to Detail All creations signed VSTL by Vittorio Salvatore, from t-shirts to shoulder pads, are born from the work of expert artisans who have made 'Made in Tuscany' a way of life, combining innovation, tradition, and territory in their production techniques. The design of the collections develops in the search for the right balance between the classic urban style and the new international fashion trends, creating fashion clothing that adds a unique and recognizable touch to every outfit."




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