Vitality Woman 99,00 € VSTL
Vitality Woman 99,00 € VSTL
Vitality Woman 99,00 € VSTL
Vitality Woman 99,00 € VSTL
Vitality Woman 99,00 € VSTL
Vitality Woman 99,00 € VSTL
Vitality Woman 99,00 € VSTL
Vitality Woman 99,00 € VSTL
Vitality Woman 99,00 € VSTL


The cotton dress "Vitality" embodies the vitality and energy that define the modern woman. It combines style, comfort, and naturalness for a unique and dynamic look.
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The "Vitality" dress is made of fine cotton, providing a feeling of lightness and freshness. Its modern and meticulous design enhances femininity and radiates vitality with every movement. Perfect for showcasing your personality and unique style.
Size S
100% Viscosa
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handmade in Italy

Maximum washing temperature: 30°C.


Do not bleach


Gentle ironing at a maximum temperature of 110°C

non lavare a secco

Do not dry clean

non in asciugatrice

Do not tumble dry

asciugare all'ombra

Dry in the shade by hanging after spinning

Printed garments: We recommend ironing the garment inside out and at a low temperature, as well as avoiding ironing the printed area for too long. If possible, we recommend inserting an additional cloth between the iron and the garment to be ironed, thus avoiding the appearance of shiny marks or streaks.

A women's dress is a one-piece garment with an added skirt that covers the body from shoulders to legs.

Although the fabrics and cut of a women's dress vary greatly depending on the style (which can be with or without sleeves and varying in length on the legs), typically the dress consists of a skirt and a bodice sewn together to form a single piece. It is worn by slipping it over the head using the neckline or a zipper.

In Europe, since the Renaissance, dresses of this style are used exclusively in women's fashion; however, this is not true for cultures other than the Western one, where men are accustomed to wearing dresses of this type. Among other examples, the Chinese tradition continued until the early 20th century.

Until the 19th century, women's dresses included disproportionately sized collars or stiffening rods to give rigidity to the fabric, in order to restrict agile movements and emphasize the woman's role in society. Only after World War I, dress shapes simplified to allow greater freedom of movement or to accentuate the wearer's curves.

Around the 1920s, dresses began to reveal the ankles, causing numerous scandals.

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